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The adidas superstar donne trainers have become an iconic piece of footwear that us mere mortals and celebrities alike want to get their hands on!
What is it about these Adidas Superstar kicks that puts them in such high demand? lets go back to their creation in the early 70's when they were a popular choice for fast paced basket ball players, especially as they were the first to boast an all leather upper. Move into the 1980's and suddenly its less about shooting hoops and more about skateboard tricks, its less about sport and more about fashion and how these simple Superstar trainers became the leader in street style.Today these shoes have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, again thanks to musical acts like Pharrell Williams endorsing the diversity of the Supercolour/Supercolor range of Superstars and their longevity as a style. Top contemporary artists have also added their unique design detailing to the Supershell range of trainers.

Created in 1971 for tennis star adidas stan smith uomo prezzo, this clean-cut shoe holds a special place in style history. A smooth full grain leather upper with perforated 3-Stripes and tonal rubber outsole have made this low top into a celebrated sneaker icon.If you’ve never owned a pair of Stans I feel bad for you, son. And I also think you might be lying. This is a piece of footwear that goes beyond the pigeon-holed realms of athletic wear, football casuals, basketball classics, tech innovations or retro runners – a fresh pair of Stans can look right and get a nod of respect everywhere from rainy UK estates through to sunny Californian country clubs. Everybody’s worn them – for a kickabout in the park, to the pub, in a club, on court, in court, and with jeans, joggers, shorts, or black leather pants if you’re Jay-Z.

Let me tell you something. The adidas zx flux donne is perfect for the summer. The sneakers are based on an Adidas retro running silhouette, the ZX 8000. Straight from the 80’s. They are really light and the upper is made out of Mesh, which guarantees breathability and high comfort. I ordered a black pair to wear them with everything and they even came with additional red laces. I don’t know why because the red does not really fit the rest of the completely black upper, but I always like those small gestures.They go with everything and you might even be okay if you wear them without socks. If they’ll get dirty, just throw them into the washing machine and you’ll be fine. They looked brand-new.And remember, life is so much cooler with the right shoes on.

When it comes to looks, I haven’t seen a shoe as pretty as the NMD since the original Flyknit trainer.adidas nmd italia is absolutely stunning. When I wear these shoes, I can almost feel the eyes going straight to my feet. I get Jordan 11 type of stares when I have this shoe on. I know that because I look at people’s feet in awe when they have this shoe on.the NMD is a relatively new offering from Adidas, with the first model having only been released in December 2015. The original NMD featured a black primeknit upper, and the unmistakable red and blue “lego bricks” on the boost sole (pictured below). Since it’s release, Adidas have created a limited number of primeknit iterations, including the black and white colourway above and a yellow camouflage one released recently. However, Adidas, in typical sneaker brand fashion, decided to cash in while the hype was strong. On March 17th, Adidas gave the NMD a widespread general release, seeing multiple men’s and women’s colourways hitting numerous high-street stores such as JD Sports and Footlocker. Whilst this might have made sense financially, it certainly kills the exclusivity which the NMDs once had, and what the, at times elitist, sneaker culture thrives on. If you take a strong interest in fashion and trainers, for example, the moment you see droves of people walking down the street all wearing the same sneakers as you (a la Nike Roshe), it’s going to be a bit of a hype killer.
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