Looking for Gay centric party and event planners in NYC.

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Looking for Gay centric party and event planners in NYC.

Postby kalpanasharma » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:59 pm

Tea Parties are always great and allow little girls a great taste of having a classy party. Plus, they get to wear kid gloves and dress up! Old-world style lace doilies and all that are great! Princess parties are good, too, but can be a little overdone. Fairytale parties (like a "find Cinderella's slipper treasure hunt" game, Hansel and Gretel's candy house for the dessert) are always great! They also allow for a lot of variety. Little boys are interesting, though, because often they want a superhero or something that is popular at the moment. Magic parties are great, (Magic as in having a magician to do tricks, giving out a trick deck of cards as party favors, etc. etc.) are great too. Double Dare is also a great party theme as it provides a lot of entertainment for the kids. Make the questions about the birthday boy/girl and have fun obstacle courses and "physical challenges" for them!

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