Pandora release in-depth look at the King of the Jungle char

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Pandora release in-depth look at the King of the Jungle char

Postby AnnE » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:00 pm

the pandora uk outlet sale Autumn 2014 collection with an in-depth look at the King of the Jungle charm! I didn’t notice that charm as much when the initial stock pictures came out, as the beautiful floral motifs captured my initial attention, but it soon became a stand-out for me. With a less cutesy aesthetic and some lovely details, this charm has been one of the most talked-about pieces from the new autumn collection. On the other side, we have a luxurious mane. It feels nice and solid to hold – unlike the Floral Heart Padlock, which felt lacking in weight.

However as soon as you put him in a cheap pandora charms uk sale bracelet design, he looks natural and perfectly at home – not at all like the retired Pandora pig head charm, for example (one which I really don’t like! ). As he is rather regal, my first instinct was to create an elegant two-tone bracelet – the gold is perfect for autumn. This also features a fairy-tale theme, as he definitely fits in with that. I put him in the centre of the bracelet alongside the other animals with crowns – although he’s not two-tone, I think he holds his own! However, I’m aware that this is quite a romantic design, and that edginess (I can’t think of a better word? ) of design should be emphasised, too! Consequently I also styled him on an oxidised bracelet to give a more vintage look. I added the cheap pandora charms sale Rose heart to the centre, as its warm colouring reminds me a little of a lion’s mane. Speaking of which, I also put together an animal theme to showcase this charm, with it at the centre. This design features a purple colour scheme, traditionally the colour of royalty. ^^

This charm to me is one that should become a Pandora classic, as it represents a beautiful level of detailing, and character, too. He has a slight fairy-tale-with-an-edge quality to him, one that pleasantly reminds me of some more classic Pandora designs – such as the retired Ugly Duckling charm. I still am slightly wary of the disembodied-head animal charms in general, but in this case I don’t think it looks at all creepy when on the pandora charms sale clearance bracelet!;).
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